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Dealing with the trauma of refugees

🗁 A practical guide for the trauma-sensitive handling of refugees

Information portal on the recognition of foreign professional qualifications

Refugees can have their foreign professional qualifications recognised. Recognition is helpful and even necessary.

Open information page

Free recognition and qualification counselling

To help people with foreign qualifications integrate into the German labour market:

Counselling services

Migration counselling app "mbeon

For counselling migrants in the areas of work/occupation, language courses, health and housing.

Homepage of the app

Supplementary independent participation counselling

(for family members and people with disabilities)

The Supplementary Independent Partial Counselling (EUTB) supports and counsels people with disabilities, people at risk of disability, but also their relatives free of charge nationwide on issues of rehabilitation and participation.

Counselling services

Broadcasting fees

Information in Ukrainian: Download Flyer

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